This program will provide an important and innovative skill-set for archivists in many fields that prepare them to address data and material management issues while positioning them and their business or institution for the future. Digital curation is generally referred to the process of establishing and developing long term repositories of digital assets for current and future reference by researchers, scientists, historians, and scholars. Enterprises are starting to utilize digital curation to improve the quality of information and data within their operational and strategic processes."

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The training program draws from faculty expertise in a range of disciplines, including new media, history, art history, computer science, and library science. Educational Objectives: Students develop expertise in the following areas:
  • Identifying digital objects that merit short-term or long-term preservation, from individual audiovisual files such as videotapes to complex multimedia objects such as Web sites.
  • Managing and preserving selected materials, including using metadata and databases to catalog objects.
  • Improving access to public material and managing access to the restricted digital material.
  • Theorizing and implementing ways to develop, present, and promote digital exhibitions and interpretations of this digital material, on the Web and in real or mobile space.

Course Requirements

The program is appropriate for all types of current Library and Information Technology professionals who have responsibility for or interest in archives, and artifact collections—including collection managers, registrars, curators,  archivists,  librarians, and others.  

Course Description

Digital curation is the active involvement of information professionals in the management, including the preservation, of digital data for future use. While there have been people doing different aspects of data curation and digital preservation for decades, recent events have brought a number of ideas, organizations, and individuals together to focus more intently on digital curation. Reports in the US by the National Science Foundation and the American Council of Learned Societies and in the UK by Dr Liz Lyon of UKOLN have pointed out the aspects of digital curation which need to be in place to ensure that digital objects can be maintained, preserved, and remain available for future use. These reports along with increased research focus at conferences and the emergence of new educational programs have led to the emergence of digital curation and made digital curators a new entry into the information professions. Increasingly, digital curation is becoming an umbrella concept that includes digital preservation, data curation, electronic records management, and digital asset management.
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Abel Mkulama


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Enthusiastic and hard working individual passionate about teaching and research. Areas of research interest include Knowledge & information management, Resource description and access (RDA), Librarianship, collection management, Information literacy & information behaviour, Research data management, Open access, e-learning technologies etc.

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