Koha allows total customization and complete control of library data at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary system and is serving the needs of a diverse range of libraries from academic to the public and from legal and research to corporate and specialist libraries. Thousands of Koha users are already benefiting from a vibrant and enthusiastic open source community and an ILS that will never leave them out of date. It has been partially translated into 62 languages.

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January 24, 2021

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What you will Learn ?

Koha is the first free and open source library automation software, it is designed to manage physical collection and items. What you will learn in this training includes:
  • Control journal content locally;
  • Understand the scope of library Automation.
  • Be aware of factors that must be considered in planning and implementing ICT applications in libraries and information centers.
  • Implement integrated automated library system of KOHA with the following modules:
  • Acquisition, Cataloguing, OPAC, Circulation and Serials Management.
  • Be aware of standards:
  • MARC 21
  • Z39.50

Course Requirements

The program is appropriate for all types of current Library and Information Technology professionals
  •  Librarians, who will need training on the use of Koha software.
  • System Administrators, who will need training on the installation and maintenance of the Koha software.

Course Description

The goal of this course is to provide the practicing librarian with the skills and knowledge needed in the process of automating library operations and services. This course basically focuses on automating or computerizing library system with a view to accomplish various library functions such as acquisition, circulation, cataloguing, subscription management, patron management and many more, effectively and efficiently. The software package used is KOHA. Koha is state of the art library management software. It is open source software and hence one can use it free of cost. Koha allows total customization and complete control of library data at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary system. Its main strength is its web accessibility and ease of use. Libraries do not have to install the software on staff and user terminals. Koha supports all library housekeeping activities such as Acquisition, Cataloging, Circulation, Serial Control, Patron Management, and OPAC. It also supports Web 2.0 tools. Thus, Koha can be readily configured to the needs of each library and is updated with new features frequently
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Tuesday Bwalya


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I have more than nine (9) years of lecturing Library and Information Science at The University of Zambia. My areas of specialization and interests are :- -Cataloguing and Classification -Database and web Development -Records management -Library automation using free and open source systems such as Koha and OpenBiblio

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